Fernandina Volcano Erupts

Fernandina Volcano

Visitors to the uninhabited Western island of Fernandina are getting quite a show yesterday as the island’s volcano, the youngest in the archipelago, has sent off a column of steam and ash after a decade of calm coexistence with the island’s wildlife. Located on the westernmost side of the Galapagos archipelago, closest to the geological hotspot responsible for forming all of the Enchanted Isles, Fernandina is the islands’ most active volcano. Yesterday’s eruption appears to be occurring between Cape Douglas and Cape Hammond on the far west side of the island but more information should become available over the next few days. It is difficult to know how long the eruption will last but previous eruptions have had a duration of 1-15 days. Guests aboard some of our yachts are expected to have the possibility of seeing this majestic natural phenomenon from a safe distance today as their itineraries put them in line of sight from Buccaneer Cove and Eden Islet, respectively.

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