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Galapagos flights fuel surcharge

Update on Ecuador Airline flight prices set to increase effective January 1, 2012

We had informed you earlier that fuel subsidies for local airlines would be eliminated as announced by President Correa. On December 16, 2011 after analyzing this presidential decree #968, Aerogal Airlines informed us that all passengers traveling to Galapagos as of January 1, 2012 with Aerogal will be subject to an airfare fuel surcharge of USD $50.00 per passenger, each way from Quito (UIO) or Guayaquil (GYE) to the Galapagos Islands, the rate will be the same from either city. This fuel surcharge will be applied even to tickets that have already been paid for and/or issued when traveling on January 1 or thereafter (and will also apply to those returning from the Islands Jan 1 who’s cruises initiated Dec 25). For any tickets without the fuel surcharge included, the fee will be collected at the Aerogal counter upon check-in payable in cash or credit card (Master, Visa, Am Ex, Diners).

TAME Airlines will charge a fee of $70 US each way for passengers departing from Quito and $60 from Guayaquil.

Airfares are always subject to change up until the day of departure and therefore, passengers will be responsible to cover any increase in the cost of the ticket.

Increase in Cost of Galapagos Flight

The Ecuadorian government has decided to stop subsidizing the cost of jet fuel for the airlines in 2012. As a result, airlines will face a 15 to 20 percent increase in the cost of fuel starting January 1st, 2012. Local airlines have not yet said anything regarding how these costs will affect ticket rates but we are expecting to see a resulting increase of 15 to 20 percent which will result in price adjustments from January 1st ,2012.

Ecuador – Volcano Erupts

Two huge volcanoes in Central and South America are spewing lava, rocks and debris, forcing thousands of people to flee their homes.

A volcano known as Tungurahua — Throat of Fire — came to life Friday morning, 130 kilometres southeast of Ecuador’s capital, Quito, and exploded continuously through the night.

People in several nearby villages were forced to leave their homes, while officials shut down the international airport in the city of Guayaquil. Air travel between Quito and Lima, Peru, was also suspended because of ash from the volcano.

More information coming…

Flights for Sacha & Napo Wildlife Center

We have been informed that due to some logistical problems, the Lago Agrio airport authorities had to change flight schedules for Sacha Lodge and Napo Wildlife Center.

The new flight schedules for SACHA LODGE are:

Monday to Friday:                                               Saturdays:


Flight Tame EQ211                                              Flight Tame EQ207

Departs Quito:09h30                                          Departs Quito: 10h00

Arrives Lago Agrio:10h00                                  Arrives Lago Agrio:10h30


Flight Tame EQ214                                              Flight Tame EQ212

Departs Lago Agrio: 12h30                                Departs Lago Agrio: 13h00

Arrives Quito:13h00                                           Arrives Quito: 13h30

The new flight schedules for NAPO WILDLIFE CENTER are:

Monday to Friday:                                                               Saturdays:

QUITO-LAGO AGRIO-COCA                                 QUITO-LAGO AGRIO-COCA

Flight VIP – D 328 aircraft, for 31 pax                             Flight VIP – D 328 aircraft, for 31 pax

Departs Quito: 07h55                                                         Departs Quito: 07h00

Arrives Lago Agrio: 08h30                                                 Arrives Lago Agrio:07h35

COCA-LAGO AGRIO-QUITO                                 COCA-LAGO AGRIO-QUITO

Flight VIP – D 328 aircraft, for 31 pax                             Flight VIP – D 328 aircraft, for 31 pax

Departs Lago Agrio: 14h50                                                Departs Lago Agrio: 12h00

Arrives Quito:15h25                                                           Arrives Quito: 12h35

As previously advised a transfer service using comfortable and safe ground transportation will be provided from Lago Agrio to Coca and vice versa.