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Exploring the Enchanted Seas: Scuba Diving on Galapagos Island Tours

scuba2No Galapagos Island experience is complete without a SCUBA diving tour. Seasoned SCUBA divers will find that the Galapagos archipelago offers unparalleled biodiversity: Forged in a geological crucible of smoldering lava less than five million years ago and uniquely situated on the Earth’s equator between cool ocean currents, the Galapagos Islands offer an array of habitats for thousands of land-based and marine creatures and a distinct climate – a pleasant blend of tropical and temperate – that lingers year-round.

These factors along with the islands’ relative isolation gave rise to hundreds of species found nowhere else on the planet. Nearly one in five marine species, in fact, belong to this category of endemic Galapagos life forms – and if you’re a certified diver, Inti Travel and Tours offers the diving experience of a lifetime that will let you see a dazzling array of marine mammals, lizards and fish up close and in their natural habitat.

Inti Travel and Tours’ SCUBA tours let you swim among iridescent schools of amberjacks and angelfish, playful fur seals, marine iguanas and even the world’s most northern-living penguins. Explore lush lagoons, cliff faces crested with flocks of seabirds, stunning coral reefs and dramatic underwater peaks, valleys and plateaus brimming with rich underwater communities.


Get the Ultimate Experience with a Tour Package Combining Luxury and Adventure

Inti Travel and Tours offers several different Galapagos Island tours that bundle deluxe accommodations with all-inclusive dives. Divide your time between the land and the sea with a package that includes a stay at Santa Cruz Island’s only beachfront lodging, the Finch Bay Hotel. Feast on a sumptuous buffet and recline next to the pool in between excursions to the nearby Charles Darwin Research Station or Tortuga Bay while multiple species of Darwin’s famous finches flit by overhead. Alternatively, make the beautiful Hotel Silberstein your headquarters – the 24-room resort even has its own dedicated dive center.

If you’d prefer to center your Galapagos experience around the archipelago’s enchanting underwater realm, Inti Travel and Tours offers Galapagos Island tours headquartered on first-class yachts. Choose from sleek new vessels like the 100-foot Galapagos Sky, designed in 2000 just for SCUBA diving in the Galapagos Islands, and the 110-foot Beluga, equipped with spacious staterooms that have their own private bathrooms, or opt for the Nautilus, an elegant sailing yacht that overnights in the Galapagos Islands’ premier hotels. Whatever your travel style and activity level, Inti Travel and Tours can assemble the right package complete with a SCUBA diving tour of a lifetime.