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Quito, Ecuador – Mindalae Museum

Mindalae Museum Offers Glimpse of Ecuador’s Rich Artistic Tradition Funded by the government of Belgium, the municipal government of Quito, the new Mindalae Museum opened its doors to the public in late 2006 in Quito’s Mariscal district. The word “Mindalae” comes from the word Mindala, a term used for merchants in pre-Colombian civilizations in the Americas. In this spirit, the Mindalae Museum is a place which highlights the diverse and stunning artwork and handicrafts of Ecuador’s many indigenous artisans.

The new museum consists of five floors, with a large collection of archaeological artifacts, tools, and handicrafts from indigenous highland, Amazonian, Afro-Ecuadorian, and coastal cultures. The museum also hosts a number of musical and dance performances as well. Visitors can also choose from a variety of souvenirs at the free trade gift shop which promotes the nation’s thriving artisan sector and the beautiful handmade goods they are responsible for creating. For more information, please visit