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Spraying on ALL Galapagos flights


Obligatory spraying of Galápagos flights to prevent accidental introduction of invasive species

The fragility of the Galápagos Islands demands every effort to ensure that potentially invasive species are not accidentally transported to the archipelago. This has prompted the Galápagos National Park authorities to adopt new strategies with tighter controls for Galápagos-bound flights.

All airlines flying to Galápagos must now perform a compulsory spraying inside the plane, with special attention to the overhead compartments. This process is called “disinsection” and is a very common procedure for flights to susceptible destinations and is performed once the aircraft has closed its doors and is preparing for take-off. The chemical used is d-phenothrin at 2% dissolved in a 98% neutral solution. This is the same chemical used to treat clothes with insect repellant.

The French-manufactured brand is currently being used in many airports and flights for similar disinsection purposes (i.e. Australia and New Zealand) and has the approval of the World Health Organization. The sprayed component is harmless, has no negative effect on humans, and does not cause allergic or sensitizing reactions. Additionally, it does not stain clothes or fabrics.

This will noticeably reduce the risk of introducing invasive invertebrates and potential diseases to Galápagos, such as the West Nile Virus. We appreciate everyone’s understanding in preventing the arrival of foreign species to the Galapagos Islands’ ecosystems.