Explore Darwin’s Enchanted Islands with Discover Galapagos Tours!

Tower Island, GalapagosThe Galapagos Islands are among the most famous and exciting places in the world. When you join one of our Discover Galapagos tours we’ll take you on adventures you’ll never forget.  Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin as you visit the sites that helped him develop his landmark ideas about nature.

Come face to face with the most incredible creatures on our live-aboard cruises, tours and scuba diving excursions. Our fleet of ships and yachts, as well as our choice hotels, were specially selected to exceed our client’s expectations. We provide the comfort you’ll need to make you feel at home, while using our decades of experience to make your vacation a memorable one.

Jeff Waugh, CEO and Director of Operations for Inti Travel and Tours, Inc., has been living and working in the Galapagos islands for more than 30 years and guides our team of travel professionals so you can enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

Contact us and we’ll help you choose the right Galapagos tours package for you. Let us focus on making your Galapagos trip outstanding, so you can focus on what a fantastic time you’re having. Learn more about our activities, tours, accommodations, and the incredible animals that call the islands home at DiscoverGalapagos.com today.

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